Meet the Planner


Nikki Smith

Wedding Planner

     Hi everyone! I’m Nikki, the mind behind Lasciatemi Wedding Planning. An experienced events manager and wedding enthusiast by heart, I’ve built up a diverse range of experience and skill over the last decade throughout the events and entertainment industries. When planning my own wedding, I discovered both a deep passion and a natural way to apply my years of knowledge and Diploma of Events Management into helping others plan the greatest day of their lives with respect, attention to detail, and authenticity - all delivered with a personal touch.


     In a short time, I’ve already had the attention of many friends, family, and everyone in between, asking for guidance. I love helping people and utilising my colourful experience to make your dreams come true, and with a marriage of experience, passion, and resourcefulness, I can't wait to help future couples begin their stories with the perfect day.

Meet the Team


Louie Bulzomi

Business  & Finance Manager

     A special occasion warrants an equally special investment, but thinking about wedding costs can be overwhelming. This is where Louie comes in! With over a decade of professional accounting experience, Louie can walk you through all the aspects of your big day and ensure you’re not breaking the bank - because why should money get in the way of enjoying the greatest day of your life? Not only that, but Louie can also make your lives with the tax office easier to deal with going forward as well!

     Louie’s skill isn’t just in taxes and budgets though. Give him a microphone and he’ll proudly show you another side of him: Master of Ceremonies. Louie takes pride and thrills out of providing his voice and energy to your ceremony, and will stop at nothing to make certain every moment is on time, looked after, and - of course - memorable!


Callum Gault

Creative Director

     Callum’s background is as an actor and a writer. As Lasciatemi Wedding Planning’s resident vow writer and content creator, he brings these talents to the forefront, using his knowledge of story, performance, and crowd engagement.

     Having previously worked as an MC and Entertainer at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, and with a colourful background in screen/novel writing, and acting in film and stage, Callum brings an understanding of performance, personal engagement and storytelling to his work.

     Callum has applied his writing knowledge to the professional field as well, having written content for various projects such as Taymaynari Productions, and was even trusted to write Standard Operating Procedure documents in the corporate world.


Dia Taylor

Legal & Contracts

     Dia Taylor is the owner of Taymaynari Productions, and now works with Lasciatemi Wedding Planning with her range of talents as both a versatile videographer and contract curator.

     Dia has completed a Certificate IV in Business, and is currently studying a Diploma of Justice at Swinburne University, with which she hopes to extend her skills into Contract and Intellectual Property Law.

     Dia is also a videographer with an eye for detail and a unique, adaptable style. Having shot numerous weddings and events, as well as having years of experience with the local film and entertainment industries, she is excited to bring her passions to capture every moment of your once-in-a-lifetime day!


Daniel Bugeja

SEO & Social Media Advisor

     Daniel has a wealth of experience in both IT and Media. Coming from a study background of Computer Science and Interactive Entertainment, Daniel has accrued a diverse range of creative and technical talents. As a result, Daniel has, in his words “a keen interest in the ever evolving field that is human and machine interaction,” and as such, Daniel helps Lasciatemi Wedding Planning in the fields of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media, helping our content - or your big day! - reach more people, so we can better help you!


     In his free time, Daniel is also a freelance designer, creating logos, invitations and much more in a versatile, personalised fashion for every one of his many happy clients.