Top 10 Makeup and Hairstyles

Choosing your wedding hair and makeup look can be such a difficult decision. All eyes and cameras will be on you, meaning there’s absolutely no room for error with your look. It has to work with your dress to bring out your best features, highlight your inner beauty, and make you feel confident and ready to walk down the aisle. We’ve devised a list of our top 10, full-proof makeup and hairstyles that you can definitely rock at your wedding.

1 . The cat-eye and low-bun

If you have long hair and want to keep it tidy, an elegant low-bun is the perfect hairstyle for you. Straighten your hair before putting it in a bun for a neater look, or add some waves for a hairstyle that’s more carefree and natural. Elongate and draw attention

to your eyes by lining them with the cat-eye technique for a simple but stunning look.

2. The bold lip and slightly messy updo.

The loose waves of a slightly messy updo give your hair added dimension and volume but still keeps you looking fresh and natural. If you wear the rest of your makeup natural as well, then a bold lip can tie the whole look together by giving it a bit more character. Choose a red shade that works best for you and touch up frequently throughout the event.

3. Smokey eye with sleek and straight hair

The smokey eye is an amazing option for brides who want more definition and emphasis on their eyes. It’s a classic but still stunning makeup look, and when paired with a sleek and straight hairstyle with a strong middle part, this makeup and hairstyle combination brings out the drama and inner strength of every bride.

4. White waterline eyeliner and loose waves

If you want a look that is as natural as possible but still has that extra something to make it special, try lining your waterline with white eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Put some loose waves in your hair but leave it down, so that you look effortlessly put together.

5. The no-makeup makeup and half up-do

Another natural look is the no-makeup makeup style. Subtly bring out your best features with just a little bit of highlight on the cheekbones, and add some bronzer and blush for colour. This pairs well with a half up-do, a hairstyle that is gentle and cute, but still fun.

6. Glowy skin and a small braid accent

A variant on the half up-do, the small braid accent leaves you with an elegant braid instead of a ponytail or bun. You can get creative by doing a fishtail or dutch braid instead of the classic 3-strand braid. This is perfect if you plan on weaving flowers or other accessories through your hair. Pair this hairstyle with a dewy, glowy makeup look for an overall classic feel.

7. Natural eye makeup and messy hair knot

If you’re already blessed with luscious lashes and big eyes, then you may opt to go easy on that area. To make it look like getting ready was effortless, a messy hair knot would work well. Add a few pearls and accessories to dress up the look, and you’ll be ready for your big day.

8. Contour and one-side pinned hair

If your hair isn’t long enough to completely pull back, you can choose to pin one side down and use volumizing products on the rest for a daring asymmetrical look. To really pull this off, choose a makeup style that contours your face and brings out your jawline and cheekbones. You should look sharp, bold, and absolutely stunning.

9. Glitter glam and mermaid braid.

For a romantic, and playful look, pair a mermaid braid with some glittery eyeshadow. You can even apply it as highlighter, or on the corners of your eye. The glitter adds shimmer that makes your eyes stand out if your reception runs into the evening. A mermaid braid is simple but beautiful. You can u

se hair extensions to add volume if need be.

10. The cut crease and pixie cut.

Ladies with cropped hairstyles like a pixie cut can still accessorize with headbands or pins, or even slick the hair back completely and have all the focus be on your face. For short hairstyles, a dramatic look like the cut crease is best because it has the best chance to shine.

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